How to make a new friend?

Well my dears this is the most awesome way!

I`ve always said that people don`t know how to talk to each other! And it is true, we don`t know how to start nor how to continue.We just think we shouldn`t because they are strangers, which is a good tip if you are 10. However if you are older, you should be more “responsible” and realize that without communication in this life you tend to lose a lot of the “good stuff” of it.

Even though this video is well-directed for a purpose, the truth is that in the moment you have common ground or a certain thing to talk about it is always easier to start talking to people. Once you started they can become mates, colleagues, new friends or whatever you think they can be, it doesn`t matter.

We have lost from our sight the fact that we are all in the same world, we are all together in the same society, we all have a dream or ideas and we are all struggling in one way or another.  So why not talk about it, exchange ideas and opinions, meet new and creative people who can help or just cheer you up?

It is so simple to just talk to people, just interact and you will soon see the difference. You can start in a line at the bakery, at the post office or in the elevator, however you think you can use the situation in your advantage. Just communicate and allow people to communicate with you as well. You don`t need to take them home or marry them, just talk! 😛 🙂

If it is something I always do, is talk, so just do it and if someone does not answer or doesn`t feel like talking, that`s OK, it means they are not the right people to make friends with.

🙂 So way to go SoulPancake and my question today is:

Why are we afraid of talking to new people, why do we make communication so complicated for ourselves?