The Epic Split and rusty Van Damme

I know, I know. I just really needed to share it!

Everyone is talking about it, so I am not gonna say anything. Not gonna argue nor gonna comment on it.

But I want to congratulate the team behind it, this commercial RULES!
Now this is what I call great marketing. They managed to come up with a simple concept and reinvent it in their favor.
They didn`t even have to work hard on it, Van Damme will always be a superstar and his splits are more than famous around the world, even though he is getting little rusty and left out of the daily Hollywood life.

Just a small touch of emotional but powerful message and there you have it, the commercial with over 11 000 000 views on You Tube in 1 day!
They just had to take some sips from their coffees and relax, `cause Jean Claude Van Damme did all the job for them.
The message works perfectly with all the existent need of our society for continuous perfection, telling us that with the right attitude you can even do an epic split!

Now i`m not gonna debate on that, just accept the message, somewhere and somehow he is right, and we should all try harder to mindset our goals or desires to be achieved.  🙂
Anyways, great job people, I really like it, short and perfect!

So, no question here my dears, can`t question the split! 😉

I must share this as an update, how could I give so much credit to Van Dame??!!! hihihihiihihih  😉 😀