Hello new friend!

 Welcome to my corner of craziness and dreams! I am Bianca and this is my playground, my personal space where I can be me and I can express myself just how I feel like.

 So, since it is an about page, I just though I will give you the big picture of my background and a little bit of who I am.

 I am from Romania (South-East Europe), from a multicultural city called Arad.  I am 25 and I finished my first bachelor degree in International Relations and European Studies and continuously training myself in different domains. My mother tongue is Romanian, but I use english more due to switch of countries, therefore I hope you`ll all forgive me for my mistakes (if here are any, please do tell me, I am always trying my best to be perfect out here).

 I am the Vice-President of a regional NGO called ProgressOn  Youth Power, being a volunteer most of my conscious life (meaning from adolescence until now 😛 ) and getting involved in different themed projects that promote youth in different domains of the socio-economic and cultural life .

 Oh, THE special thing is that I have a twin sister! Yep, I win! 😛

 Yes we are identical and yes people always confuse us (however sometimes it is in our best interest 😛  :D).

 I am currently working as Social Media Marketing Manager as a freelancer, a great path that I’ve started some time ago. I have developed several project and helped few people reach their goals until now.

 I have to be modest on this and say I am good at it, after all I am the most sociable person out there (and one of the cutest 😛 ).

 I like meeting new people, and I am always trying to pay attention to them and their work, I like to learn new stuff and I am very sociable and communicative.  I am a cheerful person, always ready to go, to smile, to talk, to dance, to listens, to create, to help, to love.  I am inpatient and tend to be nostalgic, but they like me anyway 😛

 I am curious but reserved, ambitious but full of time, wild but organized. I am sensitive but sometimes a rock. I am complicated and joyful, always trying to live every moment.

 I am a silly dreamer, but always eager to learn and find new things, meet new and interesting people and the most important thing, learn something from them. I believe we are continuously learning no matter the age, we will always discover something to be interested in, and I have found so many interesting things around here.  I feel I need to explore more this world called internet, that has a lot of talented and beautiful people, exquisite subjects, great ideas and big dreams, ready to be picked up; this world that gives me the feeling I need to be here and let myself carried away, for it will take me in the right place.

 I cannot wait to meet you and know more about your projects, so please feel free to contact me any time you wish!

 I wish you a great day and here, have a smile from me  🙂



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