I found that is so hard to be good and do good, that most people are bad! Excuse my 6 year old thinking, but I just can`t help myself believing that.

After so many mixed feelings, guil and regret, I have to say it is so hard to stay positive, do good and want good for people, it is alomost breath taking for me. I find it very hard to keep on going, be motivated and be kind, when all problems get to you, and your heart just feels like wants to go for a run.

I find that where is faith there is hope, and hope is a powerful tool of God (I think), that makes us think that it might be better, that it might get easier on us.  Hope sometimes is not there, because we killed it, we refuse to let her grow and for sure we deny her acces in our hearts. Is it because being missarable is a solution to end your problems? Is it because being misserable is an answer to stop questioning and stop trying?

Fot me it sure is an easy way out, that many people choose. It is a definetly easy one, once you choose it you just don`t care anymore. But when you do have a moment of lucidity?

How the heck do you stand up and go give it a try, when all the world is crushing under your feet?
How do you find that power to at least say: I will go on?
And if you are a weak person, how can you see the light when you are staying on the margins of a cliff?

How do you do it?