I am tired

I am tired of moving around and packing my stuff.

I am tired of being on the road, even though this is what I once wished for.

I am tired of readjusting to weather, to people, to noises and sounds.

I am tired of worrying about tomorrow and things it will bring.

I am tired of caring for others more than I will ever care for me.

I am tired always missing some one, always having distance between loved ones.

I am tired of trying to figure out if I should build a life that others say it`s normal.

I am tired of trying to choose a dream, from all of them.

I am tired of trying to fix myself.


I am tired… but now I am home!




Life is like ice skating!

You know in the winter, when you are bored at home and want to do something fun and hang out with your friend? Sometimes times the best idea is to go ice skating and after go have some boiled wine in some pub and just talk for hours.

Well, it sounds great but ice skating is actually not as easy as it looks like. We`re not going to discuss that now, just to be considered that once you get a hold of it, you`ll remember it forever ( just like riding the bike).

However until you get a hold of it, you will give your friends loads to laugh about 🙂 😀 :D.  Of course you will need to follow some steps, just like any beginner would do. You have to choose the right skates, someone has to show you how to do the first steps, how to move your body and skate correctly and how to be able to stand on the skates, and most important of all how to be safe and take care how you fall.

Once you know this and can stand straight, after a few steps, you realize you can do it and it is not impossible… and then you fall and most probably you will keep on falling several times, in the funniest ways possible. But while your friend laugh at you and have fun, they are all there to help you get up if you need them.
See, I think ice skating is scary because you are afraid of falling and hurting yourself, just like in “real” life.

Everything we do today had to be learned before. Maybe we learned it when we were kids, maybe adolescents or maybe we are beginning it now, thing is that at some point we were beginners. And anything we started (that being piano lessons, riding the bike, cooking or a new business) can be compared to ice skating.

For everything we start doing, we think it`s almost impossible in the beginning. Then we get in the “proper shoes” and we see we can do it, it`s just a matter of exercise, ambition and willingness to actually do it.

After we make the first steps in that business, the first piano lessons or our firs Italian dishes, we make a mistake and fall. And the first fall is not that hard, because your spirit is still enthusiastic about the fact that you are doing it and you started it yourself.

But then you fall again and again and again and you tell yourself: what the hell am I doing here? Ice skating (cooking, biking, piano etc) is not for me, to hell with this shit, I`m gonna have a beer!

Until you argue with yourself and blame you for your stupid idea, your friend finished laughing and are there to pick you up. In that moment you see that you are not alone on the skating rink and definitely not helpless. Then you remember why you went there in the first place, why you did it and how you`ve felt when you started it. And in all these moments you can replace ice skating with your business or new skill or whatever you started doing.


Life will kick you so many times and will let you fall. And dam sure will have a good laugh about it, in your face.

But just like ice skating, you have to know how to get up and keep doing it until it is perfect, until you master cooking or until you can go on and create a new product for your business.

Nothing in life will just happen, you have to make it work! You have to pick yourself up, stand straight and keep on skating, until you master it. It is all up to you, just a matter of wanting to do it or not, wanting to get up and keep doing it or just want to be down and miserable,  complaining that life and ice skating is hard and you can`t do it. 😛

So get up and keep on trying, cause life is slippery and tricky but you can surely master it!




Life is a game!?

Today it hit me!

I realized today that what we are doing day by day is actually a game!We are playing an adventure game, the one that has it all:  “the Mario”, the princess, the mushrooms, the guardians and loads of fire everywhere that you need to avoid in order to “stay alive”!

Except the fact that in Super Mario you have about 5 lives and you can start over again, in real life you have to go along and play it the best you can until the end, n one life 😛 :). You may have the chance to start fresh, but you`ll never start from the beginning.

So, we are playing in real life  just like we would be playing a game. You can take loads of situations, even the stages of life and put them in this context, you`ll see what I mean.

checkmateLife is truly a game where we try our best to win, and my point is, that like in any game, with persistence and dedication you can reach the end and be victorious.

Take Tetris for example, you beat the computer in the moment you cleared 150 line, regardless of the level you are in.  At first you`ll not make it, you will die a few times and it will beat you up. But then you get ambitious and say, hell yeah, I can do it, I`ll show him. And you go on and play so many times until you complete the final task and you win.

We do that in real life without realizing it,  it is in our blood. We try and try, and work and find solutions and come up with ideas, and keep working on it until we do it.  Cause it is just a goal, a task to overcome just like in a game (except it involves more time and effort…). 🙂

And just like in any other game, if you are willing to put enough time and effort, and if you are dedicated and have the ambition to win it, then my dears, I can assure you that nothing can stop you.

So, if you think it is easier, just consider the task you want to do like a game, with a final target to accomplish and loads of adventures and obstacles that will be there among the road to stop you from reaching the final destination.

No obstacle or task looks so scary if you see it like a game. I know, it is hard sometimes and I am talking generally, of course, but staying to think about it, it might just be an efficient trick to solving the actual obstacle / problem.

And my question here would be:  If life is an adventure game, where you have some tasks and goals to realize, how do you stay alive & keep going when you`re our of “life mushrooms”?

I can see your Pussy…

I know, the title is pretty cheeky but it is hilarious!
I have to admit I borrowed it from a boy (friend) as I`m sure some of you will agree only a boy could come up with it! I thought it was hilarious when I heard it, such a great British sense of humour…


I couldn`t help posting this, it is too funny.

More funny stuff at http://www.nohope.org/ (where the picture is from).

Live in the “now”!

I have a problem my friends: I worry!

I constantly think of what to do, how to do it, when to do it and where that I sometimes don`t even realize that the day passed without smiling, without saying nice things to someone or without actually enjoying a conversation.
I constantly worry about me, about others about any stupid thing, cause I`m such a “I want to salve the whole world” kind of person. And sometimes it exhausts me and takes the worst out of me, and it is not fair to be tired for such a stupid thing.

Worrying does not help anyone nor does solves any problem / situation. Just makes everything worse.

I am trying to teach myself being more conscious about the present, the surroundings, the  people I am talking to, the actions I am taking now and the nature that exist and makes our lives so beautiful.


People just think of tomorrow, what is it gonna` bring and where they want to go, to be there professionally, spiritually or physically, whatever their goals for the future are.

And don`t get me wrong, it is great to have goals and to want to reach it, aim higher and grab the opportunities the future holds. But we often forget to live in the present.

Live in the “now“as it is never coming back. Look forward but hang on the “now” as now tomorrow will become yesterday. Live in the “now” as now you are acting for tomorrow. Live in the”now” because in one week you will regret the time spent without enjoying it, without noticing a smile, a leaf or a cloud, without saying hi the a new person or having a conversation with your friends. Live in the “now” because there is no point looking back, you can`t change it anyway. Live in the “now” as in the future you`ll regret these days when you didn`t do anything but blindly work for it. Live in the “now” as the older you will be so unhappy if he will not have any memories of it.

Live in the “now” as you are loved now and not tomorrow, people talk to you now and not in 2 weeks and your cat needs food now, or she won`t be here in the future. 😛 😛

And let me also remind you, in a week you`ll be one more week older than you are now!

So my new mission is to try to be more aware of the now and stop thinking about what I will do tomorrow. I`l keep you posted about it.
And my question is:

Why is it so hard being aware of the things  & moments we have, of the ones we create now, and we always think instead of the things we want to have?

How to make a new friend?

Well my dears this is the most awesome way!

I`ve always said that people don`t know how to talk to each other! And it is true, we don`t know how to start nor how to continue.We just think we shouldn`t because they are strangers, which is a good tip if you are 10. However if you are older, you should be more “responsible” and realize that without communication in this life you tend to lose a lot of the “good stuff” of it.

Even though this video is well-directed for a purpose, the truth is that in the moment you have common ground or a certain thing to talk about it is always easier to start talking to people. Once you started they can become mates, colleagues, new friends or whatever you think they can be, it doesn`t matter.

We have lost from our sight the fact that we are all in the same world, we are all together in the same society, we all have a dream or ideas and we are all struggling in one way or another.  So why not talk about it, exchange ideas and opinions, meet new and creative people who can help or just cheer you up?

It is so simple to just talk to people, just interact and you will soon see the difference. You can start in a line at the bakery, at the post office or in the elevator, however you think you can use the situation in your advantage. Just communicate and allow people to communicate with you as well. You don`t need to take them home or marry them, just talk! 😛 🙂

If it is something I always do, is talk, so just do it and if someone does not answer or doesn`t feel like talking, that`s OK, it means they are not the right people to make friends with.

🙂 So way to go SoulPancake and my question today is:

Why are we afraid of talking to new people, why do we make communication so complicated for ourselves?

The Epic Split and rusty Van Damme

I know, I know. I just really needed to share it!

Everyone is talking about it, so I am not gonna say anything. Not gonna argue nor gonna comment on it.

But I want to congratulate the team behind it, this commercial RULES!
Now this is what I call great marketing. They managed to come up with a simple concept and reinvent it in their favor.
They didn`t even have to work hard on it, Van Damme will always be a superstar and his splits are more than famous around the world, even though he is getting little rusty and left out of the daily Hollywood life.

Just a small touch of emotional but powerful message and there you have it, the commercial with over 11 000 000 views on You Tube in 1 day!
They just had to take some sips from their coffees and relax, `cause Jean Claude Van Damme did all the job for them.
The message works perfectly with all the existent need of our society for continuous perfection, telling us that with the right attitude you can even do an epic split!

Now i`m not gonna debate on that, just accept the message, somewhere and somehow he is right, and we should all try harder to mindset our goals or desires to be achieved.  🙂
Anyways, great job people, I really like it, short and perfect!

So, no question here my dears, can`t question the split! 😉

I must share this as an update, how could I give so much credit to Van Dame??!!! hihihihiihihih  😉 😀