I know, everyone knows this word!

We even use it more as a joke, but everyone knows what it means. Or at least, we think we know what it means…

I have noticed everyone uses this word when it comes to an emergency, a problem, and I mean a deeper or more serious problem. We have a health emergency we`re calling the ambulance, when our phone is stolen we go to the police, when we have an accident we call the rescue teams, etc.

Have you ever wondered why we don`t use this word?

Spelling Game says Help Me   HELP is more than an emergency. Help should be much more than a word we use only after we felt down and can`t get up. HELP is a word we don`t use because we are too proud, we are ignorant and for sure we think we don`t need it because we are OK, we are too vainglorious even with friends or family.

We don`t ask for help as we don`t talk to people about our problems or about what issues we have. We are living in a world where we will update our Facebook status with quotes like feeling frustrated but we refuse to call our best friend to tell him / her all about it. We live in the world where we wear the mask every single day at work, on the street and home, the world where we just want people to see how smart, nice or fit we are, but underneath?
We live in the world where EVERYONE has an opinion and a better point of view than yours, and they will surely know you down with their own arguments for their own thoughts, even if they are far from the actual facts or the actual reality of the situation. Due to that you just don`t want people to see you as a weak person, as someone who need help.

`Cause if you need help you are not strong, and if you are not strong you are definitely vulnerable,so therefore not mentally fit or work, job or relationship,  and you know, the ONLY vulnerable people are women, old people and children.

But why are we doing this to ourselves?

The word HELP does not mean you have a serious problem and you can`t find a solution for it alone.

I embraced it, I learned to actually understand it, to actually see the feeling that comes along with it, to use it without fear and preconception and to not feel guilty about it.
I understood that we need help all our lives. We ask God to help us with a wish, we ask our colleagues at work to help us with a photocopy, we ask the salesman in the supermarket to help us with finding something, we ask our sister to help us taking out the trash, we ask the people on the street to help us with a direction, we ask out dentist to help us with our pain, we ask our friends to help us baby sit or we ask a relative to help out with grandma`s cookies recipe.

We are asking for help every day, without using the actual word. Because we are afraid of it. Because it makes us weak and we don`t want to be seen like that. We want to show we are strong, and we can do it on our own, and for sure we can take it alone.

But my dears, we can`t. We just cause loneliness and pain to ourselves, for free.

You are stronger if you know what your weaknesses are, you are stronger if you have fears to overcome, you are stronger if you want to be part of a team, you are stronger if you have friends ready to ask help from, you are stronger if you know what you need to accomplish that goal, you are stronger if you are  not alone!

You nee as much help as you can get, from a friend with a comforting word when needed, from a colleague with a software you don`t know yet, from your lover with a hug, from your mother with a cooking trick, from the pizza delivery guy with an info, from the online store with your package, from the bakery with a tip, from the school with certain book or just from your kids with washing dishes. It doesn`t matter.

The thing that matters is that it is so normal to need and ask for help, however I am amazed that people actually made it so hard and difficult to ask for it.

I know I am struggling to find out who I am and why.
But one thing is for sure, I know it in my heart I am here to HELP! I feel I am here to do my best and help people, any way I can.  My reward: A simple smile, or even better a hug! Makes my day every time!

I am helping people everyday, even without noticing, even without actually obviously intending to. And still I feel like I am not doing enough, like I have to do more to help, everyone,the animals, the people, my friends, my family, my planet!

So the real question is not why we don`t accept we need to use this word, but:

When and how did you last helped out someone, without waiting for anything in return?