Life is a game!?

Today it hit me!

I realized today that what we are doing day by day is actually a game!We are playing an adventure game, the one that has it all:  “the Mario”, the princess, the mushrooms, the guardians and loads of fire everywhere that you need to avoid in order to “stay alive”!

Except the fact that in Super Mario you have about 5 lives and you can start over again, in real life you have to go along and play it the best you can until the end, n one life 😛 :). You may have the chance to start fresh, but you`ll never start from the beginning.

So, we are playing in real life  just like we would be playing a game. You can take loads of situations, even the stages of life and put them in this context, you`ll see what I mean.

checkmateLife is truly a game where we try our best to win, and my point is, that like in any game, with persistence and dedication you can reach the end and be victorious.

Take Tetris for example, you beat the computer in the moment you cleared 150 line, regardless of the level you are in.  At first you`ll not make it, you will die a few times and it will beat you up. But then you get ambitious and say, hell yeah, I can do it, I`ll show him. And you go on and play so many times until you complete the final task and you win.

We do that in real life without realizing it,  it is in our blood. We try and try, and work and find solutions and come up with ideas, and keep working on it until we do it.  Cause it is just a goal, a task to overcome just like in a game (except it involves more time and effort…). 🙂

And just like in any other game, if you are willing to put enough time and effort, and if you are dedicated and have the ambition to win it, then my dears, I can assure you that nothing can stop you.

So, if you think it is easier, just consider the task you want to do like a game, with a final target to accomplish and loads of adventures and obstacles that will be there among the road to stop you from reaching the final destination.

No obstacle or task looks so scary if you see it like a game. I know, it is hard sometimes and I am talking generally, of course, but staying to think about it, it might just be an efficient trick to solving the actual obstacle / problem.

And my question here would be:  If life is an adventure game, where you have some tasks and goals to realize, how do you stay alive & keep going when you`re our of “life mushrooms”?