I am not so sure about this New Year Resolution thing… a promise to self-improve yourself or to accomplish X things in the New Year. Yeah, it is good to have goals and specific things you want to do, but why set them up precisely at New Year`s?

As I mentioned before, we don`t really get the chance to start from the beginning so this “new year, new me” thing it is overrated. We can start fresh maybe, that could help, but really you start it in the 1st of January, after you partied all night with food and drinks?

new years res_not sarcasticA list saying I want to lose weight, ride the bike more, drink less, stop spending money on useless things, get earlier to bet, stop smoking, etc. it is just ridiculous to me. You all know you ain`t gonna do it (unless you really want to and you are decided already), dam sure not in the beginning of the year.

Guess I don`t like to be hypocrite and will say that this year will be a year, like others, except I`m getting older and smarter (?!) and will try my best to get on with it and actually LIVE.

No promises nor resolution, no goal as I`m not sure yet what I`m gonna do and what I really want.

Well, maybe it`s because I tend to be chaotic and one day I would be up with the spirit ready to energize and motive others, go out and conquer the world and then the other day I would just like to sit in my “dark whole” and be miserable and pity myself.

And this is a long discussion, maybe for another post. I guess I`ll get over it once I have a clear goal of what I want to do, but dam sure I didn`t had it on the 1st of January nor the other “first days” of the year.

I mean I know I can do loads of things, I know what I am capable of, I just don`t know yet where & when. I admire people that have a clear purpose for what they are doing and they are fighting for it, but I just want to do so many things and all meanwhile I live and love and laugh. Cause if you don`t create memories you create regrets, that is all left from the past.


Oh well, have a happy new year full of health and love, as the rest will come to you when time is right!

What do you think about the whole New Year`s Resolution “fashion”?

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