Live in the “now”!

I have a problem my friends: I worry!

I constantly think of what to do, how to do it, when to do it and where that I sometimes don`t even realize that the day passed without smiling, without saying nice things to someone or without actually enjoying a conversation.
I constantly worry about me, about others about any stupid thing, cause I`m such a “I want to salve the whole world” kind of person. And sometimes it exhausts me and takes the worst out of me, and it is not fair to be tired for such a stupid thing.

Worrying does not help anyone nor does solves any problem / situation. Just makes everything worse.

I am trying to teach myself being more conscious about the present, the surroundings, the  people I am talking to, the actions I am taking now and the nature that exist and makes our lives so beautiful.


People just think of tomorrow, what is it gonna` bring and where they want to go, to be there professionally, spiritually or physically, whatever their goals for the future are.

And don`t get me wrong, it is great to have goals and to want to reach it, aim higher and grab the opportunities the future holds. But we often forget to live in the present.

Live in the “now“as it is never coming back. Look forward but hang on the “now” as now tomorrow will become yesterday. Live in the “now” as now you are acting for tomorrow. Live in the”now” because in one week you will regret the time spent without enjoying it, without noticing a smile, a leaf or a cloud, without saying hi the a new person or having a conversation with your friends. Live in the “now” because there is no point looking back, you can`t change it anyway. Live in the “now” as in the future you`ll regret these days when you didn`t do anything but blindly work for it. Live in the “now” as the older you will be so unhappy if he will not have any memories of it.

Live in the “now” as you are loved now and not tomorrow, people talk to you now and not in 2 weeks and your cat needs food now, or she won`t be here in the future. 😛 😛

And let me also remind you, in a week you`ll be one more week older than you are now!

So my new mission is to try to be more aware of the now and stop thinking about what I will do tomorrow. I`l keep you posted about it.
And my question is:

Why is it so hard being aware of the things  & moments we have, of the ones we create now, and we always think instead of the things we want to have?


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