I admit I am not the most positive person ever and I tend to analyze things pretty hard from a “realistic” perspective, BUT every time I feel optimistic about something I always think about the negative side of it o how it will be hard to do it or hard to accomplish it, etc.

How does one stay motivated and finds the power to move on, do new stuff or try a new perspective if that BUT is always there. I suppose “BUT” in my case means I am tired of my work, of the daily activity, o routine and people, I am frustrated, I am exhausted of trying and failing and would just want to go in the mountains all by myself and do nothing all day. Of course, that wouldn`t help and wouldn`t make a difference, but I jut lost my patience and everything just make me tired or mad. I am not sure if that “But” is just an excuse to start doing it or an excuse to keep on being miserable…

And hearing sweet and engaging quotes like you have to go on and try and do your best and get out there and kick ass, just don`t make me go out and start doing stuff. Just makes me go even more crazy, and makes me feel like I am failing without rescue. Every time I hear you have to stand out and you can do it I feel that the world is so demanding and all I have is the power to breath and with just that I cannot even make one step. I guess I do know I can do it and that I have to do it alone, BUT i don`t want to do it alone and fight for it, as I know how hard it is, and it is maybe even harder than getting motivated to do it. Oh, i jut wish I was a kid right now and my Mom would just take care of me, so I wouldn`t have to be responsible.

So how does one get motivated to start something, do or create something in this breakable world?
Where do you find your motivation and what helps you stand up and keep on going?


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